The Exhibition App

You can download the app here:



The multimedia app ‘Beyond Compare’ is the ideal companion for a visit to the exhibition. For each object pairing and group of works, the app offers interesting background information from the perspective of art history, cultural history, and ethnology. It provides short introductions, as well as the possibility to delve deeper into the subject matter. The app will be updated after the opening, with more information and commentaries due to be posted, revealing yet more perspectives.

Visitors can choose time-based tours through the museum, explore the works on the basis of specific interests, or individually discover the exhibition and display contents on request as they stand before the objects.

By using intelligent location detection and object localization, it guides museum-goers through the museum intuitively. On the map, visitors can call up their current location and the nearby exhibits at any time (for Android only). In addition, they can save their favourites and comfortably learn more about them after their visit. T

he most important functions at a glance:

  • A variety of tours through the exhibition
  • Indoor navigation (for Android only)
  • Short text and audio commentary from the curators on each object pairing or group
  • In-depth, partially multimedia content on each object pairing  
  • Favourites list  
  • App in German or English 

The exhibition and app have been generously funded by the Kuratorium Preußischer Kulturbesitz.